I am drawn to the social, cultural, and literal fault zone– I am interested in the transitory and transformational identities of the cities and places we call home. My process is a response to where I am, and the accretive nature of a place being lived in. I am particularly drawn to the printed image for its ability to reveal change over time; each impression is a recorded instance in the state of the plate, which can undergo numerous alterations and transformations as the image reveals itself.

These images straddle the boundaries between the abstract and the recognizable, the intentional and the unintentional. Transferal, fragmentation, erasure, erosion, build-up, cover-up, and repetition are utilized; found objects/imagery figure prominently. These manifest as a mélange of forms: incidental marks, street grids, architectures, infrastructures, information systems, recent and historic photography, plant matter, data, graffiti, light, space and other manifestations of place and habitation. They probe the tensions between high-tech and low-tech, high-class and working class, native and immigrant, urbanity and wilderness, growth and destruction, preservation and loss. The shifting populations and ecologies that are affected by these processes are a chief concern.
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